How to develop the perfect vocal warm-up routine

Whether you're a member of your local choir, hardcore opera diva, or simply a person who enjoys singing, learning how to correctly warm-up your voice will enhance your singing and prevent vocal damage. In this blog post, I will take you through a few warm-up ideas which can help you to develop your own routine!

Hip hop - why should I take a class?

Participating in dance classes can be really beneficial for people of any age! Hip hop dance classes generally combine multiple different genres of dance and one can gain a very varied skill set from them. They combine elements of jazz, break dancing, and free style and therefore are very expressive and improvisatory in nature. This blog post details the primary reasons why you should sign your child up for a hip hop class!!

The benefits of learning/playing music as an adult

Whether you're a complete beginner or picking up your instrument again after years of not playing, learning music as an adult can be extremely beneficial (and not to mention - really enjoyable! 

Instrument Care and Maintenance Tips for Junior Players: Woodwind

This is the final blog post in our series of instrument care tips for junior players (or their parents!). This week we are focusing on the following woodwind instruments: flute, clarinet, and saxophone and learning all about how to keep them in great condition! 

Practical Vocal Health Tips for Singers

Many singers (regardless of their level!) neglect the importance of vocal health. With singing, our body is our instrument and it should be maintained with the utmost care and compassion. This blog post will give you some practical tips to keep your instrument in tip top shape and sounding its best! 

How Music can Benefit Dementia Patients

Music as an art form is embedded into human culture and can have powerful effects on us all. Dementia patients in particular can gain huge benefit from engaging actively or passively with music, and from receiving music therapy. 

Little Musicas Class of 2015/16 - Where are they now?

Read on to see how our very first little musicas class are doing 5 years on!!! From Little Musicas to Orchestra…all firm friends and wonderful musicians!!! Music is not just an investment in your child’s education but an investment in culture, friendship, and family!

Instrument Care and Maintenance Tips for Junior Players: Brass

This is the second blog post in our 'Instrument Care and Maintenance Tips for Junior Players' series. Today we are focusing on the brass family (trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba) and we will be learning the best ways to care for your brass instrument (or your child's brass instrument) and keep it clean! 

Instrument Care and Maintenance Tips for Junior Players: Strings

This is the first blog post in our new 'Instrument Care and Maintenance Tips for Junior Players' series. This blog will provide you with some practical advice on how you can maintain your orchestral string instrument (violins, violas, cellos, double basses), or how you can help your child to do so! 

How to Help your Child get the Most out of their Online Music Lessons: Tips for Parents

Online learning is something we all have had to get used to over the last year and can be nearly as beneficial as in-person teaching if approached correctly. It can be particularly difficult for young children to get used to doing their music lessons online, so to help with this we have compiled a list of our best tips which parents can use to improve their child's experience! 

How to Manage Performance Anxiety: Tips for Musicians/Performers

Performance anxiety, also known as "stage fright" can affect any performer, from absolute beginners, to professionals and can really affect one's self-esteem. Here are some practical tips to prevent severe performance anxiety and manage the natural anxiety one feels before performing. 

Drum kit demonstration

Drum teacher Cian O'Sullivan demonstrates how to set up a standard drum kit

Musica Fusion Covid-19 Policy and Procedure

This policy is intended to support Musica Fusion School of Music and Dance  to safely re-open our school for staff, parents, students  and children, to adopt a risk assessment approach and to implement public health measures to reduce the risk of the transmission of COVID–19 so as to provide a safe and healthy environment.