A look at how some of our group classes have adapted to Covid-19 safety regulations, while remaining as fun and engaging as ever!

Musica Fusion Community Orchestra

A key aspect of musical education and enjoyment here at Musica Fusion, the orchestra continues through Covid-19 by adapting its rehearsal format. Instead of full orchestral rehearsals, the orchestra will be split into smaller chamber ensembles of around four or five players. These groups will rehearse in separate rooms around the school with the help of volunteering instrumental teachers. This chamber orchestral project will begin on Friday, September 25th and rehearsals will happen weekly at the usual orchestra practice time of 6-7pm on Fridays. While we will dearly miss orchestra as we know it, this temporary Covid-friendly project will provide players with the invaluable musical experience one can gain from playing in a chamber group. 



Little Musicas 

All three of the Little Musicas classes have adapted to prevent the spread of coronavirus through the use of hula-hoops and chairs which encourage the children to remain socially distant throughout the duration of the class. Susie and the other teachers involved will teach the class as normal, with the one change being that they will now be wearing a mask or visor! All equipment used during the class is sanitised before and after use.  



‘Imagine It Club’ Creative writing club

Our budding writers, poets and creatives in the imagine it club continue their endeavours in a safe, sanitary manner by restricting the number of members that can be in a class at once to five. The five members operate a socially-distant ‘pod’ system at the table (which will be disinfected both before and after each class by Noelene). 



Dance classes

Musica Fusion offers an incredible range of dance classes, from hip-hop to ballet and this remains true in spite of the coronavirus! Dance classes are now operating in a socially-distanced format through the use of hula-hoops. The hoops are placed on the floor in the hall and they mark the spot in which the student must remain for the duration of the class. Hip-hop classes for the MIDI group are now taking place in the 4,000 square foot hall upstairs, allowing ample space for social distancing. 



Adult choir

The adult choir here at Musica Fusion has always been a really special ensemble which highlights the important social aspect  to music-making in a community. The choir will continue safely, with a maximum capacity of fifteen members. We would request that new members contact the school in advance so that we can ensure adherence to this number.  Rehearsals will take place in the hall upstairs in a safe, socially-distanced configuration.



Group guitar classes

One of our most popular groups in the school, our guitar ensemble classes adapted to become covid-safe firstly through implementing social distancing within the groups. Furthermore, if students require assistance in tuning their instruments, the guitars are wiped down with anti-viral wipes before and after the teacher tunes them. 



Performing arts

As the famous saying goes: "The show must go on!" and coronavirus isn't stopping our budding performers in the performing arts classes! The classes have been arranged to operate a "bubble" system of social distancing using hula hoops. The teacher wears a mask or visor for the duration of the classes and the room is cleaned/sanitised before and after each group.