Imagine It Creative Writing Club,  is open to children/Teens from 7 to 14 years old. It is for children/Teens with a creative mind looking for somewhere to belong.

Imagine It! A creative writing club which encourages full use of their imagination. In a world of their own creation, they will bring to life characters they have always dreamed of, from crime fighting heroines to dragon-slaying heroes. Each voice is listened to and all ideas respected.
Our Motto is: Stay Curious!

We are open every Saturday during the school term at Musica Fusion School of Music, Charleville, Co. Cork

  • Group one is for children aged 7 - 10 from 11.00 – 12.00
  • Group two is for children 11 - 14 from 12.00 – 1.00

A full tin of words
Mixed with character soup
Spoonfuls of Plot thickener
Tubs of Setting spread
A Variety of Poetry cajolery
Flash of a comic strip
Dash of advertising
A sprinkle of memoir.......

All this and much more at Imagine It Creative Writing club.
At the Imagine It club, we offer a relaxed atmosphere, a space to be freely creative where positive support for each other is always encouraged.
  Weekly, through interactive workshops, we explore:

  • The art of writing a story
  • Character building 
  • Plot development
  • Dialogue
  • Using diverse language
  • And much more

What’s the story?

We sometimes enter writing competitions and our own Tom O’ Flaherty won the first prize in his age category 6-10 in a creative writing competition lead by John Boyne and supported by Joe Duffy on Liveline. There were nearly 6000 entries! Tom’s story won the judges over. We are bursting with pride in the Imagine It club and Musica Fusion. Well done Tom!
Clicking on the link takes you to the Irish Times and the winning stories.

We play interactive games such as ‘Who, What, Where’ using pictures of people and places, then we add a prop to really liven up the story. We add twists and turns to get the plot going. This year we are learning how to write a script for a radio play. Imagine it!

We specialize in doing a different project each term. We also complete lots of fun writing exercises and games, individually and in groups. We read and discuss prose, poetry, and plays together, and this works great for building self-confidence and teamwork.

Examples of projects:

We went around the town to really look at the world around us and use our five senses to create the elements needed for a story.
We have held an open mic performance of our own poetry and prose for parents and we were invited to read at Friars Gate Theatre.
The children have invented products such as Sausage Flavoured Chocolate Sausages, O' Nuanain's Infinity chocolate bar so that they could write a radio and TV script as a way of learning about the world of advertising.

The Big Ones.
We have written the scripts for and performed two puppet shows called:
‘Goldilocks Confesses All’ and ‘The Missing Baby.’
We also wrote the script for a full pantomime called:
‘This is No Cinderella, This is The Cork Fella.’
We saw our words come to life when Musica Fusion’s drama group
performed our pantomime to a live audience in a packed out hall.
Imagine It!


IMAGINE IT CREATIVE WRITING CLUB is very proud to publish the first edition of our online magazine

The Write Note.

Inside you will find, poetry, stories, book reviews, a cartoon and a project
we did on capturing the essence of a painting. There are individual
pieces and collaborative works which showcase the children’s
imaginations. Curious yet? Just press play and pause to stop and read.




Posted by Imagine It Creative Writing Club on Monday, November 2, 2020