Participating in dance classes can be really beneficial for people of any age! Hip hop dance classes generally combine multiple different genres of dance and one can gain a very varied skill set from them. They combine elements of jazz, break dancing, and free style and therefore are very expressive and improvisatory in nature. This blog post details the primary reasons why you should sign your child up for a hip hop class!!

Physical benefits 

Obviously, as with most forms of movement, there are many physical benefits your child can gain from learning hip hop. Firstly, as it is a highly energetic genre of dance, it can help to increase endurance and build muscle strength. Stretching is a key element of all dance classes and therefore, fllexibility will also inevitably improve. Furthermore, good balance and coordination are essential to this style of dance and these skills will be nurtured and improved in your child's classes. 



Due to the improvisatory nature of hip hop, these dance classes can become a means of artistic expression for participants, encouraging them to go out of their comfort zones and express their emotions. It also teaches dancers how to improvise around the beat of the music and create their own movement combinations. For children in particular they can be a good place for them to release their energy and work through feelings which they may not be able to verbally express. 


Mental benefits 

Attending dance classes can have amazingly positive effects on your child's mental health and well-being. Firstly, the exercise and movement aspect of dance causes the brain to release endorphins which promote feelings of happiness. Secondly, dance classes can help improve self-esteem as improvements tend to be easily tangible and your child will feel the more difficult moves become easier and easier each week. Furthermore, another important aspect of dance classes is the sense of community which forms between the participants. It is a simple way to meet other people of a similar age who share a common goal/interest. 


Hip hop at Musica Fusion!!!

We offer two weekly hip hop classes for children in our school every Tuesday:

Hip hop with Eileen 

Junior hip hop (ages 4-7) - 2:30-3:15

Intermediate hip hop (Ages 7+) - 3:30-4:15