Susie Butler

Director and Principal of Musica Fusion School of Music and Dance.

Teaches Classical, Electric, Accoustic Guitar, Bass and double bass, mandolin and bnajo and ukulele

Susie Butler is a Musician, Teacher, Entrepreneur and Mom of three children, all talented musicians.  She is a guitarist (Classical, Acoustic and Electric) and a double bassist and has played for many years in various Rock Bands and Classical Ensembles, including the Rock Band “Taboo” (Lead vocalist and guitarist), University of Limerick Orchestra (Double Bass), Limerick Classical Guitar Orchestra (Guitar) and The Limerick Philharmonic Orchestra (Double Bass).

 Susie started her musical career as a singer songwriter and was fortunate to have toured many countries throughout her career. Although she still plays in various ensembles, running Musica Fusion takes up all her time these days!!

She is Principal of the School, Conductor of the Musica Fusion Orchestra and teaches Guitar, Double Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele.  She also runs the very successful Little Musicas program within the school. Music Therapy and Music for children and adults with special needs is her strong focus within the school and she is passionate about providing pathways to music and dance and making them accessible to all.