Musica Fusion's new music shop is now open! Our shop stocks everything you need...and lots that you don't need but really really want!!

We stock a huge range of music books, including exam books from  RIAM, ABRSM, ROCK SCHOOL...

A wide range of accessories, including strings, capos, tuners, drum sticks, pedals, leads, reeds, straps, stands... to name but a few...!


Opening hours: 

Monday - Friday: 13:30-17:30

Saturday: 10:00-17:00


A wonderful selection of instruments from Double basses right down to tin whistles!

Drum kits of all makes and ranges...

Keyboards, Digital pianos and accessories...

We will also stock a large range of guitars/basses from Tanglewood to Koda and much much more...!

Everything you need...all under one roof!

All Musica Fusion students will be entitled to a discount when purchasing an instrument for lessons in the school!