Little Musicas is a program designed to provide a gentle introduction to music by introducing the music concepts in a fun way. By the end of the course, the students, 3/4 year olds should be well ready to move on to little Musicas 2 with a good basic grounding of rhythm and musical concepts. 

The parents will also have learnt, or relearnt, in some cases some of the basics and be a valuable help to their child when they start proper lessons. The school operates a free lesson term for all parents so, you can learn the instrument alongside them. 

The class is approximately 40 minutes long. It is quite structured but in a fun way. We cover all the musical elements including pitch, tempo, dynamics and timbre and texture. We don’t have “free play” time in the class and the school is not set up for unsupervised play, there are a lot of instruments etc.. around so it’s important that you and your child are always together!! Everything is done as a group. 

The class will have the same format each week, a lot of repetition and new concepts added each week to reinforce what we learn. We will start the class each week with a fun action song, the words of which will be on the blackboard for the parents! Then we will move on to our first rhythm activity which involves clapping, stamping, and using other percussion instruments. This will be mayhem for the first week or two, we know this from experience, but once they settle down you will be amazed at how quickly they pick up the crochet, quaver, minim and rest rhythms. 

Next up will be a game then on to some Boomwhackers and a little tonic Sol-fa singing. We use hand signals for each of the notes. We will start with do re mi, just three notes and build our way throughout the term to the whole scale. “Mary had a little lamb” is the first song we use for this section as it has only 3 notes in it. So, if you are in a singing mood at home, sing that with them as it will help them in class! 

Then the “Band” section of the class! We detune the guitar, bass and ukuleles to play the same chord/note so that the child has only to strum it. The song we will be doing here is from Queen “we will Rock you”. It has great rhythm and an easy structure and the chorus is repetitive so easy to learn! Our aspiring singers will even get to use the microphone when we take our act to the stage!!!

Violins, Cellos and other instruments will be introduced at a later stage further into the term when they are more settled in. Most weeks, we have a teacher demonstrate an instrument so the child gets to know all about them. 

Don’t be too discouraged if your child doesn’t join in with everything at the start. It happens a lot! Even just by watching what's going on they will be learning. 

Our Little Musicas advanced class is for those students who have completed the first term of Little Musicas and are ready to move on to an instrument or children that are too old for the first class. These children are generally 4/5/6 year olds and this class is without the parents. The classes are 40 minutes long. 

This class is a continuation of the first class with the addition of new rhythms, learning how to sight read notes on the treble clef and the introduction to the recorder. The recorder is an excellent instrument to start on regardless of what their eventual instrument choice is. They will learn how to take the knowledge they learnt in the first class and apply it to the instrument. 

We will of course have all the fun stuff in the class too, and we will take on a more challenging rock song!!! And of course, stage time with drum kits, electric guitars and microphones is always the big highlight!!

This class is the next step for our Little Musicas.  Small groups of students learn together in a fun group environment. The school will provide the violins, violas, cellos and double basses for this class.  The student can pick any instrument. 

It’s a wonderful opportunity for children to begin their string career in a less formal way!! Ideally, these children should have completed at least one of the Little Musica classes and be aged 5 or above. After 12 weeks, they can join our Orchestra!!!

This course is for babies and toddlers, aged 18 months to 2 ½ years.  It is a lovely program for parent/guardian and child and a gentle introduction to singing, movement, rhythm and all things musical.  Both Adult and child learn through use of the varied amount of percussion and instruments in the school.  Singing, even at this young age, is a gateway to music. 

Little Musicas Details

Payable by the Term

Siblings discounts apply. There is limited availability in these classes so to book your place or make enquiries about times, phone the school on 0879873379 or contact us here