Whether you're a complete beginner or picking up your instrument again after years of not playing, learning music as an adult can be extremely beneficial (and not to mention - really enjoyable! 

Learning music as an adult can be a daunting prospect, however, it is totally worth it as it will benefit your life in numerous ways! Hopefully this article will give you the push you finally needed to pick up music again (or indeed for the first time!) 

1. Stress relief

There is nothing like music to help you escape the stress of a long day's work or a restless night up with children who are refusing to sleep. Numerous studies have proven that playing music reduces stress and depression by lowering blood-pressure and heart rate and releasing endorphins. Furthermore, particularly for parents of young children, your 30-minute music lesson or practice-session could be act as a source of escapism and calm from your busy family life. 


2. Improve cognitive function 

Learning a musical instrument helps to improve the brain's executive function, as well as your fine motor skills and memory. This can help you perform better in other areas of your life, such as in work. It also helps you get your brain back into "learning mode", which some of us may not have been in for years since school/university. 


3. Socialise

It's a well-known fact that making new friends as an adult is more difficult than it is for children. Joining a musical ensemble can help unite people with a common interest and bond over shared musical experiences. For instance, our adult choir here at Musica Fusion brings together adults from the community who share a love for singing with others. 


4. Self-care 

The truth is, making a comittment to put time into doing something enjoyable, such as improving your music skills is self-care. It requires you to set time aside which is purely for self-improvement and fun. In this day and age it is so easy to get caught up in the eat-sleep-work-repeat cycle and we forget how important it is to invest in ourselves. I guarantee 


5. Sense of purpose 

Learning a new instrument or skill can give one a sense of purpose and help with self-actualisation and self-esteem. Progress on an instrument is very tangible and satisfying to watch. The more you improve, the more your confidence will increase! It feels incredible (trust us!)