How to develop the perfect vocal warm-up routine

Whether you're a member of your local choir, hardcore opera diva, or simply a person who enjoys singing, learning how to correctly warm-up your voice will enhance your singing and prevent vocal damage. In this blog post, I will take you through a few warm-up ideas which can help you to develop your own routine!

Hip hop - why should I take a class?

Participating in dance classes can be really beneficial for people of any age! Hip hop dance classes generally combine multiple different genres of dance and one can gain a very varied skill set from them. They combine elements of jazz, break dancing, and free style and therefore are very expressive and improvisatory in nature. This blog post details the primary reasons why you should sign your child up for a hip hop class!!

The benefits of learning/playing music as an adult

Whether you're a complete beginner or picking up your instrument again after years of not playing, learning music as an adult can be extremely beneficial (and not to mention - really enjoyable!